How to Build a Long Lasting Brand

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Good advertisement, a catchy phrase, and a cool logo makes a great brand. This is what most people believe. And this belief has guided many young companies to close their doors within their first 5 years. It is true that these elements are very important but they’re not what makes a long-lasting brand. Building a long lasting brand requires a lot of time and effort. It is just not something that you can do overnight. Some people advise that it may take months just to enter the game. And the long process and mislead belief make companies fail. So, some companies decide just to copy or even steal the concept of greater brands. However, no one can steal your brand since it is the identity of your company. It does not only transmit trust in a good product, but also has a concept and a sense of reliability.

Elements of a Great Brand 

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A brand is the perception that the consumers have, regarding your company as a whole. This includes many details such as:

  • The first element is the physical environment such as an office or storefront
  • The print, packaging and even the signage are very important as well
  • It must have a website as well as proper online advertising
  • Social media is very important and content marketing
  • And last but not less important, sales and customer service

These are the elements that compose your brand as a whole company. Nevertheless, these aren’t the only elements that are important. These are just the fundamentals of a good branding company.

The most important elements that make a long-lasting brand are not so tangible. These elements need to be thought out before even naming your brand. For a comprehensive knowledge of what makes a great brand, read up the seven brand-building principles that separate the best from the rest.

What is Your Focus?

This element has to do with purpose and reason. Why do you want to be an entrepreneur and why did you decide to create your own brand? A lot of people might have different answers similar to “because I want money?” which is not bad. However, you need a purpose in order to shape your brand. As an example, we can say that you are planning on selling shoes using ecology-friendly materials. This means that your focus or purpose is to use your brand to help take care of the world by reducing pollution and the use of dangerous chemicals in the process. This will certainly help you name your company, and people will come to you because they will want to be part of your campaign.

Define your Audience

Once you know what the meaning of your brand will be, you will be able to identify your target audience. What is the kind of public that you would like to address? Let us continue with the same example. If you are selling ecology-friendly-material shoes then you might want to focus on athletes. But, just “athletes” is quite a broad audience. So try to narrow it down. Think of a specific sport. When you become known, you can expand this vision. 

Now that you have your audience, marketing will be more focused and organized. You will create your vision and objective in order to address to these people directly. They will relate to your company and feel eager to get close to it. Once you achieve this, you will be very close to succeeding. You can read more on how to build and unleash your personal brand in the digital age, in order to have an in depth knowledge.


Your message comes together with your purpose. They will address the audience that you are after. It is also very important to come up with the right tone. The right tone will get your message across to the right people. Sometimes we have a clear purpose and a target audience but not the right tone. The right tone expresses the identity of your brand. It is usually identified as a human characteristic of personality: Fun, daring, caring, adventurous, competitive.

Keep it Simple and Brief

Tell your audience what your brand is about briefly and simply. Being clear as well as concise is very important. The longer you take to explain your purpose and message, the more people will get confused. Just show you trust in your company and tell them why. Your brand will stand out if you do so.


Selling something that you don’t understand is difficult. Show people how passionate you are about your brand. This way, everybody who knows your brand, including employees and even providers will help you too. They will go out of their way to tell people about your brand because they have trust in it. And since the message, purpose, and audience is simple and concise, they will be able to do it easily.


A brand is not only a name and everything we already mentioned. You need a visual identity to represent it. So a “cool logo” is important. Make sure your logo is fresh and innovative. By making it express the identity of your brand, you will help people fall in love with it. For this, you will need to hire a professional designer or company that has enough experience. Give all the information you need to help them come up with the best design for your logo. Choosing from different preliminary designs is a good advice.

Beware of Competition

It was mentioned at the beginning. Having a great brand will certainly attract competition. This is unavoidable, they will try to copy and even steal your identity but they won’t be able to steal your brand. However, before you launch your brand, you will need to research your niche. This research will tell you how much competence you have even before you get in the market. Managing this information will give you the heads up needed to make the right calls in start off in the right direction. In case you need more information about how to create a brand, read the 11 simple steps for a successful brand building process.

By following these principles, you are guaranteed to Build a Long Lasting Brand. Also remember not to give up and stay true to your brand. If you have other advices for creating a long lasting brand, please share them with us in the comments section below.

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