What exactly are Search Engine Optimizations?

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If you are a keyboard warrior, the term, search engine optimization might sound familiar. The big question we want to unearth is that, can it impact your business. Well, as we speak right now millions of blogs are lining up to be noticed by Google crawlers. Their main motive is to get at the first page of search engine.

diagram showing various benefits of good SEO

Being at the first page means that products will be visible to the large audience, that is brand awareness. Another boost for the business is high conversion rate, it will grab attention and encourage leads. Besides that, the business will edge its competitors, with more customers coming. In summary, it leads to business having quality traffic, thereby, playing the role of inbound marketing strategy. This means that a good SEO should direct business into leads, conversion, and sales.

What is SEO?

According to Wikipedia, the term search engine optimization (SEO), is “the process of influencing website or web page noticeability in a search engine’s unpaid outcome”. Well that is technical for you, let me break it in simple terms.

SEO is the optimization of your online contents, so that Google can put it on the first page in a search result for the keywords you are using.

How do you do SEO?

SEO is not a rocket science, any business organization with spare time and readiness to learn few tricks might curry the day. However, it’s a win-win situation because the organization can decide to practice it on their own (DIY SEO), or hire SEO auditor. We have a pool of online platforms where the business organization can find good SEO freelancer. One should always advocate for good SEO techniques. This is because, bad SEO techniques can lead your site into a ditch. In other words, Google penalizes sites that attempt to fool search engine using black hat techniques.

If one decides the DIY way, we have several SEO tools that can make this process achievable. These tools are premium, and a business organization can purchase them and subscribe to the service that suits them. SEMrush and YoastSEO are some of the SEO tools that most business use to improve on the organic search results and get traffic into their website.

Some of the SEO basics

When you see visitors just reading the headline in your site and leaves, you need to do something. That is what google term as bounce rate, and a good site maintains a minimum of 26-40 percent. Now, that is not all about what Google looks for when ranking. As we speak now, Google rank brain touches several audiences. According to Moz, this algorithm changes from time to time, but the major focus for website owners should be quality content, as well as performing basic SEO on their site. So, let ’s take a walk in the park and check the nitty-gritty that Google crawlers are looking for.

1. White-hat SEO vs Blackhat SEO

You might as well refer to it as ethical SEO. In simple terms, it’s the use of techniques and tactics following Google guidelines and rules focusing on the audience. White hat SEO is not a case where the search engine is the target. There are millions of blogs around the globe, each one of them wants a space at the top spot. We have a various mechanism which Google wants this site’s to use, one is to strictly address the audience. We have Yoast SEO online and tools that are very effective for white hat SEO, using this tools directly improves your site ranking.

diagram showing techniques for white-hat search engine optimization

Black-hat SEO is a practice where one uses certain techniques and tactics to get higher in ranking in the shortest time possible. This method is mainly focused on cheating Google crawlers. They don’t always stay long, since Google considers them spammy.

2. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO

On-page SEO is what the business organization has control over. In other words, they can influence their outcome in a negative or positive way. This always includes website headlines, content and the page structure. A business organization that wants to improve on organic search results should put weight in on-page optimization.

diagrammatic representation of on-page SEO

On the other hand, we have off-page SEO. These are variables that are always influenced by activities outside the web. Some of those factors are link building, social media and social bookmarking.

Things to consider for On-page SEO

#1.Title and description

In order to achieve better ranking, the journey should start with optimizing the website page title and description. The golden rule is to have unique title pages that truly describe the business organization. For instance, the home page should reflect the actual activity the business is doing. The secret with the homepage is to rename it and give it a good title, for example, ‘the best indoor soccer shoes’.

The description part should be enticing to the readers. The visitor should be in a position to get the real picture of what your site is offering. All this contribute to click through rate (CTR).

#2.Content and Keyword

The main pillar of a website is content, yes, it’s the king. There’s no shortcut here, one must deliver quality content. We find that, when a user searches for something, Google do all the best to present the one with all the information user wants. This content should have a keyword, in order to help Google index the content for easy access.

We have several tools to boost business inbound marketing strategy. With this tools, the business organization is capable of identifying the best keyword for their content.

1. Google Search Console

This tool in non-paid, it gives reports for a website. Also, one will be able to measure sites search traffic including performance. Furthermore, you can fix issues in your site, thereby making it clean.

2. SEMrush

There is competition everywhere, and that is why SEMrush tool comes in handy. With this tool, one will get domain overview and keyword that the competitor is using to rank on search engine. Also, details of where a competitor is doing paid search campaign. This tool will also show you types of backlinks your competitor has and many more. You can sign up for free trial or start trying SEMrush, using the search tool below.

3. Yoast SEO

Yoast comes as a reprieve for WordPress users. One can achieve greatness with it despite technical knockout. It’s easy to use. Things that you can achieve with this tool is more organic. It has a library of SEO basics and hacks that can change your website visibility. Yoast comes in deferent packages, where you can subscribe for Yoast monthly or yearly.

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