Virtual Reality; The Next Stop for Gamers

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The gaming industry for the past two decades has evolved immensely in leaps and bounds. The industry has put the right shoes for the game-enthusiast, with the current virtual reality, VR for short. In virtual reality, an headset or multi-projected domain is used. VR incorporates physical habitat or props, which generate realistic images, sounds and other zeal that mimic the gamer’s physical presence in a virtual surrounding such as the Oculus Go headset.

Do you know that apart from being used in games, psychologists and medical experts use virtual reality to find a solution for a particular disorders? They use it for treatments such as anxiety, social disorders. Doctors also use it to treat pain, help paraplegics with it to have their body functions back to normal and also to train interns in the medical field when doing surgery.

In addition, game enthusiasts now have a reason to grin as most Android and iOS devices support it. But their experiences will differ, so as the performance of their devices too, as optimal performance depends on the power, resolution, and compatibility of the devices with the VR gears (Gear VR, Google’s Cardboard and Daydream).

Things to consider for VR

#1. PC or Mobile

One can enjoy the game directly from the PC or gaming console. Some of them include Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. The headsets here are different from the normal ones, it has a custom display, some motion sensors and the lenses mounted in front of it. They also require a good computer with high-quality specs.

The mobile headset has also gained momentum. Here, one will find the Gear VR, Daydream View, and Google Cardboard. Unlike the ones for PC, they are inexpensive and mostly don’t go above $100. They are also lightweight.

#2. Meeting the hardware requirements for PC (can your PC handle VR?)

This is one of the major areas one should put into consideration. It determines whether your gaming experience will shift to the next level. The VR is extremely demanding. You’ll need a PC with required specifications to run the graphics smoothly. The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are the common VR gears for PCs currently. We have the recommended hardware and minimum requirements, shown below to guide gamers on what the Oculus Rift requires in order to perform better.

  • For graphics card: one can go for; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or greater; AMD Radeon RX 480 or greater
  • Processor; Intel Corei5-4590 or greater; AMD Ryzen 5 1500x
  • Memory; 8 GB RAM or greater
  • Video output; compatible HDMI
  • The input; 3 USB 3.0 ports, 1 USB 2.0 port
  • OS; Windows 8.1 or higher

#3. The Headset

This is also one of the vital kits for Virtual reality. They are usually a thick pair of goggles that covers the eye of gamers. There are high-end quality ones, which can be connected to PC to run apps and games, and ones which require smartphones to be attached to the front of the headset.

The headsets are used together with other accessories, in order to give gamers optimal experience. Accessory options include controllers such as joypads and quality headphones for enhanced simulation.

Just like the smart phone app-stores, VR devices also come with its own app stores. Using that app store, you can browse and download your favorite apps and games easily.

The Best Virtual Reality Headsets


image of HTC VIVE Virtual Reality

The world today is a global village. This is where gamers don’t need to travel far and wide searching for arcades. This headset proves to have all the features that gamers might need for realistic simulation and optimal experience. One can purchase the package at Amazon stores, some are below $100 while the more advanced like HTC VIVE is a little bit expensive.

The good news for gamers is that it can work on any PC or laptop with good specifications. With HTC Vive, you can now enjoy games like Doom, Fallout 4, Rick and Morty amongst many more.

Features and benefits

This VR comes with dual-OLED that gives it boost for high resolution. It achieves 2880 x 1600 pixels with maximum clarity in the text, graphics, and textures.

Gamers can have a chance to enjoy with friends and partners with ease. It’s built with team VR 2.0 tracking technology that allows sub-millimeter tracking accuracy for multi-users.

For one to enjoy the real world of simulation without distraction from the real world, the headset is having 3D spatial sound, high resolution, and active noise cancellation. In addition, the headset has a vive port subscription, where one can enjoy more than 30 games upon purchase for a free trial.

2. Oculus Rift

This headset has gained popularity after news broke out that Facebook founder owned it. This has changed the face of the headset with more technology being incorporated. It has an outstanding OLED panel with a high resolution of 2160 x 1200.

Some of the thrilling games one will encounter include Robo Recall shooter, Space-flights, Resident evil amongst many others.


The design of this headset is awesome, it just looks like a mask and fits perfectly on the head. It also enables gamers to zoom in and out without distortion.

Another feature of Oculus is the free integration point in Xbox. You can easily play selected 2D games on a 3D platform where all features and benefits are implemented.

The headset is lightweight at only 440 grams. This might sound well for game warriors who play for long hours. The experience does not stop there, as the simulation is projected into reality with the huge field of view it comes with, usually at 100°.

3. PlayStation VR

It’s one of the most common VR in use currently. This is because it uses PS4 and is mostly played with dual shocker controller. For better experience, a gamer can opt for a move controller. They also have an option of using the headset. You will be required to purchase the PlayStation camera.


It comes with a 5.7” OLED screen for a real 3D experience. This makes simulation look really real. Another factor boosting the simulation is the 100-degree field of view that blends well with cutting edge 3D audio, which enables gamers to accurately perceive motion.

Final Thought

Virtual reality is the new show stopper for the full experience in the gaming world. This is where gamers get the real enthusiasm, from the advance simulation techniques it offers through the VR headset. One can enjoy trending games like the Adventure time, Chronos, Esper 2, Windlands, Water bears, Eve; Valkyrie, AirMech, and many more. To achieve this, one needs to have a PC with good specifications. You can decide to play it on PS4 or use a compatible smartphone. For instance, Samsung Galaxy S6, Edge,7,8, 8+ and more.

Furthermore, the headset come in different shape, design, and performance. Apart from the ones we have discussed above, gamers also have a choice for a pocket friendly headset with good performance’s, such as Destek V4 VR headset, Panasonic VRCanbor VR amongst others.

With all said, it is evident that Virtual Reality is the future of gaming, with movies like Ready Player One, and Sword Art Online giving us an idea of how the future of gaming is going to look like. It is tempting to jump on the moving train and see where the future takes us. If you haven’t tried VR, I am urging you to try it today. It is a totally different world!

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