Boosting Your Brand Awareness: The Role of Social Media

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We have a plethora of social media network that one can leverage and boost brand awareness. As we speak right now, the immensity of social media has grown in leaps and bounds. The number of social media users is around 3.2 billion, according to smartinsight report. Now, this figure is overwhelming, and this is where your clients are roaming. A small business entity is keenly prioritizing social media as their top brand awareness marketing tool. As such, there is a need for business to embrace this tool. The return on investment (ROI) is agreeable, especially for startups business, they cost less for ads.

Benefits of using social media to boost your brand

1. Increase Traffic

Using social media to boost your brand might impact your business positively. One, it will increase your website traffic. Well, this is the most important part that nearly all business is praying to achieve. With a lot of audience showing interest in your business, some might be the target for your products. This can lead to conversion, where your sales trajectory can be achieved, have new followers and create sustainability.

A good example is Namecheap which began in 2007, it’s one of the leading domain provider’s. In December 2007, they came up with a strategy to build a name and get market share that was previously dominated by big players like GoDaddy. They opened an account on twitter, and then started with the promotion. In this promotion, they were asking trivia quiz after every top of the hour. The first three to get it right gets a free domain. This promo lasted for a month, with some good news. Their followers increased from 200 to 4000, with a 30% increase in traffic, which generated more than $1 million in revenue. Talk of quick take off, that strategy gave them a solid foundation.

2. Social Proof or Normative Social Influence

Having your brand on social media means that people can relate to your product, giving them the proof of human side and connection. This helps create a trust with your audience. A lot of people wants to get the assurance that the product is real and working. Sometimes, marketers refers to it as peer changes. Remember the peer pressure and the influence in teens.

3. Connect with Influencers

social media influencer on brand, thereby increasing traffic, leads

Social media influencers can turn your brand into a five star overnight. They have the potential to give your brand formidable familiarity, if you collaborate with one within your niche. This influencer can give your brand coverage that leads to either conversion or impression. The influencers can be a celebrity, an expert in your niche or a user giving a positive social proof or review. We also have a case where you show certification. This can also influence target customers.

4. Responsiveness and Engagement

A lot of people find it easy to seek answers on social media platform, rather than the real website. The website might have a restriction on messaging or has a long procedure for posting comments and messaging. Again, you will be in a position to respond anywhere, as long as you have a smartphone. This helps create a good bond between customers and the business, (B2C) relation.

How Do You Achieve Your Brand Boost with Social Media?

New businesses coming have a reason to smile, they are not going to try social media for the first time. As we speak now, millions of business organization are reaping benefit from social media. Here are some of the secrets the early birds used. Let’s see;

#1. Identify Your Market and Target Audience

We have a variety of business around and each social media is curated to serve a given purpose. Look! Knowing your market will also give you an easy time to locate where your target audience meets. Right, this will give you ease of choosing a social media platform for your marketing campaign. Don’t be afraid, it’s easy. Tools like Buzzsumo and Crawlytics are good for giving the metrics. They can find out where your audience is. So, your work is to choose from the list.

Examples of social media platforms and how you can leverage them in business

#a. Facebook

This is where almost a quarter of the world population is, with more than 2 billion active users daily. I know you are there, but, look! That is a personal account. As a business entity, this is where you can start your social advertising campaign, for more leads, sales, and conversion. This campaign might include white paper, product coupon, give away and eBooks. Again, such campaigns can yield huge for a growing business. The platform also has more advanced advertising criteria. Why? you can choose your target geographical location, interest, country, trend, industries, category and many more. 

#b. Instagram

Instagram has the highest audience engagement rates amongst the social media currently. This is where you can showcase to your audience, images and videos of your products. Majority of the target audience includes young adults, 19-40 years, more so females. The most important feature for businesses is that they can link their product page directly from the ads. So, who can benefit more here? Well, this platform is good for business in niches like lifestyle, food, fashion, personality, travel and restaurant, beauty and luxury brands.

#c. Twitter

With Twitter, you can directly promote your business account. It’s simple to operate. So, what are the things a business can benefit from it? Set up the promotional campaign, connect with influencers and increase organic impression.

#d. Pinterest

It’s curated for visual content mostly, where you update your audience with trending images. They mostly target search engine. This is a good avenue for business to promote their product.

#e. LinkedIn

This is where you will find professionals of all kind, age between 25 to 60. It revolves around the business to business (B2B) market. So, can your business fix here? Apart from the B2B market, it can work well also for recruiters, job posting and job seekers.

#f. Youtube

This is where business can give expertise explanation through short videos. It’s a good avenue for brand advertisement.

#2. Engage your audience with quality contents

Now that you have your audience at the palm of your hands, give them what they want. This can be done systematically. Also, the content should be visual. Many social media users are good skimmers, and you need to grab their attention. Build a good reputation by responding to their queries. To increase visibility, promote your content, use influencers and update them more often.

#3. Blogging

Blogging is one way of educating your audience on new trends. By doing so, you are creating a bond that will last. If your blog content is of high-quality, people will share it. This means your brand is finding new networks. In addition, we also have guest blogging. This way, you will get the opportunity to gain entry to some of the leading players in your industries. You can also partner with other blogs and share a blog post. This will promote your brand.

#4. Use Social Tools

This will give you an insight into how people are reacting to your brand. Another thing is that you will know where your brand is doing well in a given area. We have tools such as Buffer, Sprout Social, BuzzSumo, Feedly, IFTTT, Meet Edgar, HootSuite amongst many more.

Final Thought

Social media is one of the marketing tool that is very common in both emerging and established business. Many companies have experienced positive output by developing a different campaign using this platform. A business is in a position to increase sales, improve on leads and increase traffic using social media. There are different medium, one can use to promote ads, engage the audience and use give away with the aim of conversion.

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