Job Interview: Why do you think you should be hired?

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Looking for a new job usually takes a lot of preparation. First of all, you will need to update or make your resume. Find tips for writing effective resume here. Next, you need to use your network to get in contact with the right people in order to be able to apply for the job that you are looking for.

However, the truth is that the most important part of this process is the interview. This is the part where most interviewers decide who is going to be hired. No wonder why a lot of people work very hard to prepare for this. Having this in mind, we have gathered important advices in order to help you in this important moment. And there is one particular question that makes most people afraid of a job interview: Why do you think you should be hired? Many interviewers take this approach to test their possible future employees.

Getting Prepared for a Job Interview

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1. Don’t Over-Rehearse

A lot of people just memorize the list of positions they have been on. Reciting your curriculum by heart is not the best way to approach these questions. However, it does not mean that you cannot go over your resume to have all the information fresh in your mind. This is certainly a good way to think over your previous experiences, positions, and responsibilities. So, when they ask how you helped the company or organization you worked for, you can answer naturally. As we said before, reciting your resume after and over-rehearsed speech is not the best idea.

2. Show Your Qualification Regarding their Needs

A good approach to take is to think of the job position they are offering. Think of the responsibilities that the position has. This way, you can bring up your qualification in terms of experience and preparation. Tell them how this job is perfect for you and you will be answering the question: Why do you think you should be hired. It is also a great idea to explain how you could be helpful for the job by eliciting some anecdotes. Bring up anecdotes where you have been of great help for the company and your qualifications stand out. Make them understand that you are the person that will solve their problems.

3. Be Yourself

This old and famous phrase is actually extremely helpful. By being yourself, we mean that you need to express your uniqueness. Show them how different you are, from others and how this will be reflected in your work. Showing too nervousness and lack of confidence will interfere with whom you really are. This is one of the reasons why hiring managers are not too fond of these traits.

4. Don’t Get Too Far from the Topic

Once we begin talking, we often focus on how we feel instead of what we are saying. So, after we lose nervousness in the middle of the interview, we might get overconfident. And as a result, we talk more than we have to. You will need to keep your answers concise and do not extend too much on them. If they need more information, they will ask for it. But you have to make sure to organize your ideas and give the entire message concisely. There are more tips here, or read the quick and complete guide to a winning interview.

In order to give you more helpful tips, we will be focusing on the interview standards of popular great companies.

Job Interview at Google

When people think of Google, they think of a very powerful and successful organization that only hires the brightest minds. It is true, but it is also true that getting a job at Google might not be as difficult as you imagine. They do look for bright minds but there is not only one kind of people they look for. So, regardless of your profession, you have a chance if you have useful qualifications for them. So before saying “I’m not up to it”, just go to their site and give it a shot. Now let us talk about your possible future interview.

Google’s process for hiring new members of their staff has two interviews. The distance interview and, how they call it, the Onsite interview.

The Distance Interview

You will be contacted through Hangout or phone and interviewed by a possible future peer or manager. And the interview will last for 30 to 60 minutes. If you are applying for a position that includes coding, be prepared to write between 20-30 lines. They will ask you to do it on a Google Doc and they will also ask you several questions. This interview will be directly made about your qualifications.

Onsite Interview

Here, you will be interviewed by around 4 future peers or managers. They will be focusing in different areas such as General cognitive ability, leadership skills, knowledge about the position and, what they call, Googleyness. They refer to the last one as the ability to work as part of a team, to be able to solve problems in a unique way, go out of your way to help others, and other skills and traits. During these interviews, you will be asked questions for you to think. They want to know how you solve problems and how you view obstacles. Go here for more information.

Job Interview at Apple

Interviews at Apple can vary. The most common process goes from two to four parts. The first part is a group interview where they ask you questions and make you participate in some activities. You will be observed by members of their staff. After the group interview, you will go through two or three more interviews. The approach is similar to Google. The most persistent advice is, to be honest, transparent and not to worry too much. Find the trickiest questions Apple will ask in a job interview here.


So, by following these advices, you will be able to score high in your next job interview. Remember to think of your qualifications when addressing the position you will apply for. Once you have achieved this, you will be more than prepared for the popular: Why do you think we should hire you? Nevertheless, answer to the top 20 interview questions book can also be very helpful for this topic. And if you have any other advice regarding job interviews, please share them with us in the comments section below.

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