How to Make Money from Buying and Selling Website

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The digital landscape has improved tremendously over the decades. This is where website owners are laughing all the way to the bank. However, that depends on the effort you have made and time you dedicate to build the website. Buying and selling website sometimes is worth it, if you compare on the return on investment (ROI). ROI should be the focal point before you look into how to make money buying and selling website. Is it worth your money and time?

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I believe by now you have your website. Firstly, you bought a domain to give your business an address. Secondly, is the hosting process, where you subscribed to a plan, maybe monthly or yearly. Another vital component such as working email, SEO softwares, web builders and your time, followed suit. Well, it must be have been a hectic job. If you do the sum, you find that it’s a business that you have built. So, buying and selling website is the same as creating a business, then sell it in order to make a profit. According to Forbes, a website that makes $1000 per month can be sold for $24000 to $34000. Well, that seems a good deal, right!. But, how do you arrive at that figure? Good idea, let’s get into the nitty-gritty on how to make money selling and buying website.

Reasons why you sell website

  • To earn good money or get profit from the one you bought
  • You lose interest with that site
  • To free up your time
  • The domain is expiring soon and you don’t want to lose everything

Guide on how to make money selling website

Let’s start with selling your website. How do you sell it, where to sell and what you should consider before selling? Another vital issue is the pricing, how do you come up with pricing value for your website? Remember, not all can be sold at $24000.

1. How much is the content of your website worth?

This is the first question that you should ask yourself. Your customers will be looking for a business that will be sustainable. So, the website type you have is essential when you want to make money from selling and buying. Types of the website I’m talking about are e-commerce website, business website and many more. First, you should find a niche market keyword that is easy to work with. This will enable you to come up with products that are part of human, that don’t go away. Examples of top niches are home improvement, personal finance and gadgets, and technology. We also have beauty and cosmetics, wealth building, investments, self-improvement, dating and relationship, health and fitness, and weight loss. This niches proves to be profitable and can sustain the business for years.

2. Optimize your website for humane

When selling your website for money, the value of it will be affected by search engine ranking. You should be able to spend valuable time cleaning it. Optimizing your website means that;

#a. The website is mobile ready/optimized

Most millennials use smartphone and tablets to search for websites. Your website should have all responsive design, which can work on phone, tablet, and PC.

#b. Quality and unique content

Providing the right content for the online community improve site traffic.

#c. Website building and Design

You should spend quality time building catchy videos, visual, backlinks, call to action and other SEO best practices. Your site should also be user-friendly, such that it’s easy to navigate

3. Monetize your website

When selling a website, you should be able to calculate revenue that it generates. It’s a hard task to meet customer out there if your site is making $0. However, we have some buyers who just want any website, but they are rare. We have three ways to monetize a website. One of them is through e-commerce. E-commerce is where you earn from direct sales of products and services from your website. Adding e-commerce to your website doesn’t even take long. Another way is joining affiliate marketing. This is where you receive referral fees from links that result in sales. We have several ways to execute affiliate marketing. The third one is advertising. Here, your website generates income from ads display. Google AdSense has a program called pay per click which can be a cash cow for your website if it receives good traffic.

4. Test your site before taking it on sale

At this point, you have done your best. The site is doing well in search engine, it’s generating some income and you want to sell it. It’s paramount that you should sell a website that is up and running. Check the speed, domain, meta description, title, and site speed. Another check that should be done is competitive analysis, to determine overall competitive landscape. In your armory, you should include statistics about your website revenue, traffic, keywords and many more. Your buyers will need this report. Useful tools for this process can be SEMrush, Google Analytics, Ahref, screaming frog and KISS metrics. Lastly, you should check bad backlinks, sitemaps and many more. This is to avoid selling websites that have a bad history with Google. Fix them before going for sale use google webmaster tool.

image of the Google search console page

5. Where to sell and buy a website for money

Some of the important things to consider, for website selling and buying at the marketplace include:

#a. Commission

We have a different marketplace where you can sell and buy website. They have charges for using their platform which can go up to15%, this varies. So, make sure you put ROI in mind as some of them request a high commission.

#b. After sale service

Some buyers will close the deal and kiss you goodbye. However, in some cases, you will be required by the buyer to offer technical and other services after sales. Are you ready for it if they want?

#c. Calculate the value of the website you are selling or buying

Before you grab your calculator, you should remember domain you have is very important. Some domains are hot cake, while others are not worth selling. You can use tools such as Godaddy to estimate your website domain value.

#d. Pricing your website

How do you price a website? We have criteria in which you can arrive at this

  • Manual; your website worth = revenue earned + value of age + inbound links + value for domain age + page views value + value of content. Well, that one seems tricky right!? You can check the value of your site on website value for actionable estimates.
  • Using website value calculator; These calculators give an insight on what your website is worth. There are lots of website calculators out there, but one fact is that they will not give you the exact estimates. Some of the best tools that might help you include mysitewealth, mywebsiteworthchecker, and website outlook

#e. Website Marketplace

The most popular market place to buy and sell website is Flippa. It has been identified by Forbes to be making $2million sales every month. With Flippa, you can chat and close the deal with your potential customer through their user-friendly window. Other globally known market place includes; eBay, free market, FE international and website broker.

image of flippa website home page

Final Thought

Buying and selling website has proven to be a business to reckon for some individuals. Here you can make a little as $100 to $2 million. There are a number of factors that one should emphasize when buying and selling website. The website should be performing well in terms of SEO and traffic. This will improve its value when taken out for sale. The most common market place where website buyers and sellers meet is Flippa.

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