Job Interview: 18 Answers To The Frequently Asked Questions

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When looking for a new job, there are different aspects to take into consideration. The first thing you need to do is prepare your resume. Update it by adding all the experience you have gained. Include your recently acquired skills as wells as any courses you have taken throughout your career. Read our article on How to Write a Good Resume

Afterward, you will need work on your presence. The reason for this is that, for getting a new job, you will have to go through some or a lot of interviews. Make sure to use your network in order to connect with the right people that will point you in the right direction.

Now, the difficult part for most is how to make it past the interview. In order to help you with this very important process, we have put together a series of tips for job interviews. In this 18 job interview questions and answers, we will be focusing on examples of the most important companies. The 500 fortune companies are the best and most successful companies in the world. For this reason, we will be getting you prepared using the most common interview questions. By being able to answer them, you will not have any problem passing through this part of the hiring process in any company.

There are many questions that can be brought up depending on the kind of job you are looking for. However, a lot of them seem to be often used in these interviews. This is why we decided to categorize them in two types: The most common and simple questions and the most difficult questions.

Phase 1

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We will go over these questions first since they are somewhat easier to answer. Most of them require a straight-forward answer; even when some of them seem to be tricky. This is because there are different approaches and objectives in making these questions. Some of them are asked in order to make you think and give a creative answer. Others are asked, in order to know about your qualifications and experience. Without further delay, let us begin.

1. What are Your Strengths?

This might seem like a question that any hiring manager would ask. And it is. It is surprising how often it is used. But it is sometimes tricky. Interviewees see this as an opportunity for describing themselves, using pretty adjectives. Although, it is true to a certain point. But you will also need to give examples of these strengths. Use your experience to elicit cases in which these strengths were put into practice.

2. What are Your Weaknesses?

Use this opportunity to talk about aspects of your personality that seem to be negative but are actually positive. As an example, you can say that you are a perfectionist and that you have been working on your ability to understand that not everybody is like that. Tell them how that has helped you improve your teamwork skills. Try not to bring up inexcusable habits like being unpunctual. For most answers, you need to talk about a situation where there has been a problem. The goal is to show how this weakness did not stop you from solving that problem and how you have improved it. When giving an example, describe the situation, explain the problem, and tell them the actions that you took to solve it. This is a great opportunity to show them your personality and how qualified you are for the position.

3. Why are You Interested in Working for Us?

Here, you will focus on achieving two goals. The first one is to tell them about your professional goals. Tell that what you expect from this job and how it will help you improve your life professionally. The second goal is to tell them that you are perfectly qualified for their job. Moreover, you will point out that, considering their open position. They have a problem that needs a solution. And you are the one who is going to solve that problem. You should also tell them how you plan to accomplish this task.

4. Where Do You Think You Will Be in 5 to 10 Years?

This question is also very common. It also gives you the opportunity of explaining what your goals are and how they connect with the future of the company. This is crucial to let them know that you plan on staying for a long time. You should tell them that the growth of your career will also benefit the company.

5. Why did You Stop Working in Your Previous Job?

It is very important not to get visceral and say all the negative things about your previous job. This is a mistake that many people make. They believe that trashing their previous job will help the possibly new boss like them better. However, keeping your composure and being brief about the negative experience that you had on your previous job shows professionalism. But the best option is to tell them that there were not any problems. Make sure that they understand that you left because you were looking for a way to grow professionally. Telling them that your career was in a different path from their company will help you make the point.

6. Why was there a gap between these dates in your employment?

Hiring managers usually ask this question when they want to know about a specific thing. They are not sure about the reason why you spent that amount of time without a job having your qualifications. You can tell them that you took your time to find a good job that would benefit your career and where you could help. You could also tell them any other reason you think might help but try to take the same approach.

7. What Can You Give the Company That Other Applicants Cannot?

Make sure to tell them how you are qualified for the position. Nevertheless, this time, they are looking for something else. Approach this by using your personality. Show them creativity and uniqueness. Tell them that you possess these characteristics and that you will use them for the sake of the company. The key words here are uniqueness, originality, and innovation. It is good to talk about other important elements like teamwork, leadership, and motivation.

8. Explain How You Handle Difficult Situations?

Here, they want to know how well you work under pressure. This is another chance to show them how you can be helpful. Talk to them about how you have been able to come up with solutions for difficult situations. It is also important to tell them about how crucial it is to be prepared for everything. This way when something unexpected comes up, you will know how to deal with it.

You might also find these questions in different versions. But if you are able to prepare for them, I am sure you will make it to the second phase. Make sure to go over your resume, qualifications, preparations, and skills. Keep all this information fresh in your mind.

Phase 2

These set of questions will vary depending on the company you apply for. Some of them might be a little strange while some others are plainly weird. Nevertheless, each one of them is made in order to test some aspect of your personality; even if they seem very uncommon or made up on the spot. And for this part, we will try focusing on some of the most important companies and see the kind of questions they ask.

9. What is your opinion on our most recent advertising campaign?

This question is made in order to test your honesty, qualifications, and observation. They use it to know how much you know about it. They want to know how close you are following them. They also use this question to see what observations you have on the campaign and how you can improve it. It is a good chance to show your skills regarding this area.

10. What cartoon character would like to be if you could be one?

Here, they use these questions as a personality test. They also check your cognitive process. They want to know how you think and how you can solve problems on the spot. They choose a question like this to take out of balance and see how you respond to pressure.

11. What is the first thing that you would change if we hire you?

Because of the way the question is phrased, it might catch people out of guard. However, it is another opportunity to tell them what you have to offer the company and how you can help them. The difference is that you could use a more unique and original way to bring it out in this answer.

12. Do you know how many calories there are in a grocery store?

Yes, this is a very uncommon question. And it is used to see how you react before unexpected situations and how you can handle it. Say you do not know and suggest a way to find it out. Sometimes, the objective of these questions is not to see if you have the answer but to solve a problem.

13. Do you have any of our products? If you do, which are they?

These questions are meant to see how you familiarize with the brand and whether or not you are passionate about it. This is a very likely question at companies such as Apple. Just show confidence and answer honestly. Pretending to be in love with the company when you are not is not the best way to answer this question. But do not worry, everybody likes Apple, at least a little bit. This company has had a great trajectory and if you are looking forward to working with them, you should be able to express that. So, you will be just fine. Tell them what products you have and if you do not have any, explain what you know about them and which ones you will like to have.

14. Can you do something for our company that no one else has?

Again, the phrasing of the question might startle you but it is the same as “How can you be helpful to the company?”, but with an approach more leaned towards originality and innovation. Bring up any ideas that you might have for products or advertising.

15. Tell us about a time when you handled conflict with a customer and what occurred? 

This is another way to see how you solve problems and how well you can handle pressure. You will need to be concise but make sure to show them that you are prepared to solve these kinds of problems easily.

16. Have you ever used your creativity to influence someone?

These behavioral questions are made in order to find out how you will act in future situations. Just try to remember a time when you have done this and show originality and uniqueness.

17. Tell us about a recent news article that caught your attention

They also use this for understanding the way you think and what your interests are. They will know if you are ambitious or passionate depending on the type of article you choose to talk about. It also shows that you keep yourself updated which means that you have your feet on the ground.

18. Who inspires you?

Successful people have great achievers to look up to. Select a person that has achieved something important and elicit their greatest characteristics. Talking about a more real person in your life; like your father or a friend is also good. Think about the values these people have and how they can connect to the company’s perspective before naming them.


There are a lot of other different questions that have more or less the same objectives. There is a chance that you will also run into brain-teasers. These questions are more focused on specific roles. So, we are sure that this 18 job interview questions and answers will be of great help in finding your dream job, in 2019. Check this article that also has useful information on how to handle behavioral job interviews. Answers to the Top 20 Interview Questions is also very helpful book on this matter. Also, a very good guide is the Knock ’em Dead Job Interview book. And if you know of other job interview questions, share them with us in the comments section below.

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