7 Important Steps to Becoming a Professional Writer

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There is a wide variety of job possibilities for writers. The demand for creative content writers has been increasing in the last couple of years. And this market will continue to increase in the following years. Additionally, considering this market does not usually require academic preparation. It has become a great field for freelancers. So, if you are looking forward to making some cash living and doing what you love, this might be the right path for you. And if you are already writing your own book or you are already a freelancer, this is for you. How to become a professional writer by following 7 steps, is made to help you improve your career. Becoming a successful writer is not always easy. But if you love writing, you are certainly a step ahead. So, without further delay, let us begin.

1. Writers Love Reading

reading books to improve writing skills

Being a writer also involves being a good reader. Foster your reading and never let your hunger for books be satisfied. Always look for something new to read. Reading a book as often as you can is great way to improve your writing skills. However, try not to limit yourself to just one kind of reading. Read online articles in any field. Focusing on only one field might narrow your perspective while reading all kinds of articles can help you widen your perspective and hence, your knowledge. Reading the news is another way of being updated with the world’s latest advances and events. This way, you will expose yourself to high-quality writing which will help you nourish from the most successful writers.

2. Do not Stop Writing

writing often to become a better writer

Writing is a skill as any other. This means that you will need a lot of practice before becoming an excellent writer. Write as much as you can. The more you write, the better you get. Additionally, writing also increases your passion, not only for writing but for improving your skills. Write stories, articles, novels, biographies, essays. Just begin where you feel more comfortable and you will soon be on the right track. Professional writers recommend setting a specific amount of letters or words per day. This will keep your creativity and writing skills fresh and updated.

3. Begin Blogging

blogging in order to improve your writing skills

Creating a blog is the best way to keep yourself active. Writing a blog will not only help you write very often, thereby improving your skills, but it will also help you be appraised by an audience. You will have a feedback corresponding to the quality of your writing, content, and topic of choice. And if it becomes popular, you can also begin creating income from it. This will help you focus more on your writing by not having to depend on another job for money. Check out our article on how to start your own blog.

4. Study Writing

studying how to write in order to become a professional writer

Some people might still find it difficult to write when they are beginning. A good way to approach this issue is by registering in a writing course. You could do it traditionally or online. This does wonder for those who feel more comfortable with an academic environment. Having an instructor guiding you through the process will give you a feeling of reassurance. It also gives you the chance of having feedback from peers. And even though, this process might not be for everyone, beginners can acquire very helpful techniques with this method. If you dare to give it a shot, I’m sure you will not regret it.

5. Create a Journal

creating journal to improve your writing skills

Writing a journal is a very common practice for writers. Make a physical or digital folder with everything you write. Consider that when you begin writing, you will have the urge to write things on the spot. It does not matter where you are. You never know when creativity will hit. So, having paper and pencil with you or an electronic device is extremely helpful. Remember to organize your journal on a daily basis. You might need to use one of those ideas in the future which is why you need to organize them chronologically. Some writers have very long journals, so long that they even have enough material for creating a memoir or a novel. Having a journal has many advantages.

6. Write When You Feel the Urge

writing often in order to become a better writer

This reinforces the previous tip. Make sure to carry a physical or digital device for registering your writing. And make sure to write everything that comes to your mind whenever you feel like writing. Do not pay attention to links, quotes, or editing while you are at it. The editing will come later. You need to make good use of your inspiration whenever you feel it.

If you stop writing for checking if everything is right or if it is well written, you might lose your momentum. Just write as much as you can without stopping until you feel that it is enough. Afterward, you will be able to edit your creation and add anything you need to make it as good as you want. But the core of writing is creativity. Do not interrupt the flow of creativity when you are feeling it. This way, your content will be rich in personality and will have your personal mark.

7. Why do You Want to Become A Writer

ask yourself why you want to become a writer.

This should be the first step but it is also the final one. It is also the most important step. There are different reasons to become a writer. You might want to write your own book which also has different purposes. A lot of writers write books to educate people regarding what they consider to be an important matter. Others write books to make their story be known. Other authors look for fame and acknowledgment. The same happens with freelance writers. Some of them want to make a profit while others want to prove the quality of their skills. Some others even look for bringing traffic to their site.

Whatever your purpose is, you need to figure out which one it is. And it does not have to be only one. You can have different reasons. But the point is to make them work together in order to accomplish your goals. In case you are planning of writing a book, this article can also help you.


So, with the points mentioned in this article, you will be able to improve your skills and become a top-notch writer in no time. Just make sure to follow the guidelines and you will be on the right track. It is also important to keep in mind that you should never stop fostering your writing skills. Writing requires to keep yourself updated and always growing. The Writing Strategies book by Jennifer Serravallo is a good guide to help you improve your writing skills. Another good book that can help you is the “On Writing: 10th Anniversary Edition” by no other than, Stephen King. In case you have any other advice on how to become a professional writer, please let us know in the comments section below.

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