10 Evidence-Based Tips About Healthy Nutrition

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There are thousands of diets and nutritionists that claim that they have the best tips for healthy nutrition. Well, to be fair they might be telling the truth, at least some of them. However, a lot of these people might just be following mislead instructions or might be managing incomplete information passed down from one person to another. Many of these conceptions are not necessarily wrong but they are not based on actual facts. This tends to be a problem. When we possess just part of the information, we often use it in the wrong way. This is why we have come up with this article, to discus the evidence-based tips to follow, in order to maintain a healthy nutrition. This way, you will have access to reliable information regarding such an important matter as nutrition.  So, without much delay, let us get started.

1. Liquid Sugar Calories are Unhealthy

image of drinks containing sugar calories, which isn't too good for healthy nutrition

We know that sugar calories are very unhealthy and they can affect your body negatively. However, what most people do not know is that sugar calories from drinks make you overweight faster than solid sugar calories. And this is due to the fact that the brain does not process liquids as it processes solids. When you eat solids, the brain stomach sends a message to the brain when it has had enough food. Therefore, you feel full and you finish eating. On the other hand, liquids do not make you feel full which is why the brain cannot tell if the stomach has had enough food. Plus, your body processes liquids differently, absorbing more sugar. As a result, you are more likely to be overweight if your diet is based on these kinds of drinks. Here is a study that discus more about this matter.

2. Nuts are Good for You

image of different types of nuts for loosing weight, avoiding diabetes, heart diseases

It is true that nuts present a high content of fat. Nevertheless, they still make a great resource of nutrients. Nuts provide you with magnesium, fiber, vitamin E, and a lot of other nutrients. The department of nutrition of Harvard School of Public Health has published research. In the research, they claim that the nutritional content in nuts can actually help you loose weight. It also helps you avoid diabetes type 2 as well as heart diseases.

3. Junk Food is Junk

image of a burger as an example of processed food

Everybody knows that there is no way to get any nutritional benefit from junk food. But not many people know that these processed foods are actually addictive. They are also the reason for the high rate of obesity in the world. This article has more information, in case you want to learn more on the subject.

4. No Problem with Coffee

image of a cup filled with coffee

Coffee has been criticized for many years. People often say that it is addictive and gets you nervous. However, recent studies have shown that coffee has antioxidants that benefit your health and makes you live longer. It also helps you avoid numerous diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, type 2 diabetes and many other diseases. You just need to make sure that the coffee you consume is organic. Here is an article about this fact.

5. Fatty Fish Diet

salmon fish with benefits in reducing possibility of heart diseases, depression and dementia

If you have not heard that fish is good for you, you might not have been in contact with another person for a long time. Most people are aware of the nutritional properties of fish. Additionally, eating fatty fish like salmon can help you reduce the possibility of suffering from numerous diseases like dementia, heart disease, and depression. Here is a publication that discuss more on this benefits.

6. Get Enough Rest Hours

Importance of enough sleep in maintaining good health

People usually take sleeping for granted. They even underestimate the importance of getting enough sleep. Sleeping can be even more important than diet and exercise. Not resting properly can drive insulin resistance, reduce your mental and physical performance, and affect your appetite according to the Department of Medicine at the University of Chicago. Not having enough sleep hours can affect your weight negatively. Here is the article.

7. Benefits of Probiotics and Fiber

importance of fiber and probiotics in maintaining healthy nutrition

This has been subject of discussion for some years now. However, there has been recent research that claims that Probiotics and fiber in foods like yogurt are very healthy. They provide good nutrition for your gut microbial, which is important for helping your system to fight different kinds of diseases like obesity.

8. Drink Lots of Water

a glass cup filled with water

The benefits of drinking water are incalculable. But we can name a few just to make the point. Drinking water before each meal helps the metabolism. It also helps increase the number of calories that you usually burn. A study made by Franz-Volhard Clinical Research Center and Helios-Klinikum-Berlin, Medical Faculty of the Charité of Humboldt-University in Germany claim that drinking water 30 minutes prior to your meal can increase the rate of weight loss by 33%.

9. Cooked Meat is Good

image of cooked meat

Eating meat is not unhealthy. Meat provides you with protein and other important nutrients. Meat has a lot of benefits for your body. This is especially true when you make sure to cook it at the perfect point. Overcooking or burning your meat can increase the formation of harmful elements in the food that increase the risk of suffering from cancer. This is according to research carried out at the College of Food Science and Technology, Yunnan Agricultural University, Kunming.

10. Vegetables and Fruit

image of different types of fruits and vegetables

We have always heard that vegetables and fruit should be included in our diets in order to be healthy. We are taught this since we are very young. But we often forget the reason for this.  Vegetables and fruits provide our bodies with probiotic fibers, mineral, vitamins, and kinds of antioxidants. Some of these elements are extremely helpful for preventing and fighting disease. As Joanne L. Slavin and Beate Lloyd state in this article, vegetables and fruit contribute to the prevention of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity, among many others.


In case, you have been wondering about the benefits of some kinds of food, this article can help you make your mind. And if you know of any other tip, please let us know in the comments section below. In addition, Nutrition Essentials for Mental Health, is a good resource that can provide important information about health nutrition, as well as how food connects with the mood. You can also check out the Integrative Nutrition, as there is an in depth discussion on proper nutrition and personal growth in this book.

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