10 Ways to Boost Employee Morale at Work

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There is nothing more rewarding than doing what you love for a living. If you are blessed with a good job in an area you feel prepared and that you love, you will certainly be happy. However, the truth is that it does not matter how awesome your office job is, the routine, repetitive tasks, and deadlines stress can lower your motivation. Additionally, the role of a good boss and a great leader is to drive others. It is also very important to come up with new ideas for encouraging your employees to work hard and motivate them to do their jobs with passion and professionalism. This is why we have put together these 10 ways yo can use, as a leader, in order to boost your employees morale at work. This guide will help you maintain the productivity in your company so that your business continues to grow.

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1. Encourage Innovation

a good leader encourages innovation to boost employee morale

As the head of the company, you need to encourage your employees to come up with new ideas in order to improve certain areas of the company. There are different ways to approach this but there is one that is very useful.

If you have seen the TV show called Shark Tank, you will be familiar with what I am about to tell you. In Shark Tank, entrepreneurs present their innovative ideas in order to get the partnerships of one or more Sharks. The Sharks are famous successful entrepreneurs and if you get to make them become your partner, they will use their experience and resources to help your company succeed. You can use this idea to create an In-company Shark Tank event where your employees can present their ideas for the company. The employees with the best ideas get funds and the staff to accomplish it. You can think of the details on how to execute this project.

2. Limit Your E-mails

create communication channels instead of too many emails

Sending e-mails for every little reason is tiresome for your subordinates. With time, they begin getting bored from them and stop reading the e-mails carefully. Think of other useful ways to communicate your message. You could use a Slack channel for different departments of lines of commands. You can also use Asana, as it is a great way to keep focused on the tasks and goals of a group of work.

3. Recognize Features beyond Duty

boost your employee morale by celebrating their success

As a leader, it is very important to give recognition to those who excel in their field. Failing in recognizing their feats might result in extinguishing the flame that motivated them to accomplish such tasks. A good way to do this is during meetings or organizing special events every trimester. Make sure to recognize those who truly need to be recognized, otherwise, it could have opposite results than you expect.

4. Building-Up Team-Work

boost employee morale by building up team

This is a famous one but it never gets old. It is important for your employees to be able to get along and rely on each other in order to keep the production at its best. You could organize a time out of the office, once in a while or have the different groups of work share a meal on a weekly basis. This gives them a chance of getting to know each other. Here are some ways to improve teamwork.

5. Reward

boost your employee morale by rewarding them when they complete a milestone

It is important to reward your subordinates for fulfilling their tasks. However, cash rewards are not always the best choice. A physical reward can make the employee feel the reward more directly. You could even reward a specific group of workers with a trip or movies day which also gives you the chance to improve their relationship. This will not only benefit their morale individually, but it will also improve work relationships. In this article, you will find some interesting ways to reward your employees.

6. Feedback

give feedback to your employee to boost their morale

Whenever you finish a project or a long task, you need to arrange a meeting to talk about the results. Give feedback to the positive things, as well as the negative things. This is a great time to have your employees give their opinion about whatever went wrong. Being able to be heard will make them feel that they belong in your company, because their superiors listen to them. The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well can help you if you are not very sure how to work with feedback.

7. Treat Your Employees Nicely

treat your employees nicely and it will boost their morale at work

The image of the almighty, untouchable, long face boss does not improve their perspective towards you. You need to treat your employees as human beings. This does not mean that you cannot demand respect. But you could only do it if you respect them too. This might seem like something obvious, but you might be surprise how often people forget about this. Compliment your subordinates; ask about their lives and how they feel. It will show that you care and appreciate them. And there is no best feeling than knowing that you are appreciated at work. Treat People Right, is a very useful resource on how organizations and employees can create a win/win relationship.

8. Never Stop Training Them

keep training your employees in order to boost their morale at work

The best way to ensure that your staff is qualified is by reinforcing their preparation. Staff training is a great opportunity to help them grow personally. This will have as a consequence, the growth of your company as well as the growth of every individual that works under you. If they feel that their professional life is improving, they will certainly be motivated to go to work.

9. Promoting Your Staff

When an upper position is open, you need to be open about it with your employees. Inform them about the qualifications needed for the job and make sure to be fair when choosing the right candidate to be promoted.

10. Vacations and Days Off

You need to offer proper vacations so your staff can rest and come back renewed and refreshed to work. You also need to be sympathetic when they need a couple of days off because of personal reasons. This means that you trust them and you care for their mental and physical health. However, make sure to understand what is really happening so they do not take advantage of your generosity.


If you follow these 10 ways to boost your employee morale at work, you will certainly help your company become more productive and grow faster. And if you have any other advice for boosting employee morale, please share them with us in the comments section below.

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