10 Pros and Cons of Advertisement

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Almost all companies invest in advertisement. We can even consider it to be a requirement for financial success. Proven to be extremely effective in the majority of its cases, advertisement has become a major pillar for any business. After all, it’s responsible for almost all the attention a company might be getting. But, as everything we know, it has its upsides and downsides. These should be known by any person who works on the advertising of any type of business. After all, whoever knows the good and the bad can use them to his/her favor. Wouldn’t you want that for yourself? If so, keep reading for the pros and cons of advertisement.


1. Its Reach

The biggest benefit of advertisement is the size of its reach. There’s no other word for it than massiveThe average modern person sees around 5000 ads per day. Isn’t that insane? Well, that’s what advertisement can do. It’s extremely powerful. You can reach millions of people from almost any country in the world, without moving from a computer; it has no frontiers. Also, it’s immediate. This means that from one day to another, you can spread anything you want. People don’t have to search for you, advertisement allows you to bombard anyone who you would like to reach. It’s pretty much amazing.

2. Its Influence

Believe it or not, we are unconsciously influenced by what we see. As advertisement is pretty much everywhere, it makes little to big difference in what we think, do, follow, or buy. After all, that is its goal. A very good example of this is the social campaigns. Campaigns like alcohol and drug awareness, or for environmental care, have shown to make a positive impact in people’s behaviour. Similarly, we all have got to admit that we have been a victim of buying something because of a striking ad. Around 25% of people that see an ad, visit their website, and 14-17% of them end up buying something. You can see it is successful. The book titled: “ Measuring Advertisement Effect” shows you more about advertisement’s influence, check it out.

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3. It can be very specific

As it was said before, advertisement can reach everyone. But, when it comes to a specific demographic, you can be impressed of its efficiency. It has the power to target a group, and offer them exactly what they need or are interested in. Let’s say you want to sell suits for men. If you create an ad characterizing a strong businessman that gets all the women, it sure will be successful within that demographic. Also, when companies create specific advertisement, they create a stronger bond and relationship with the consumer. They feel understood and taken care of. After all, the brand shows to understand their needs. It’s a win win game.

4. It Gives choices

advertisement gives choices

We all know that, there are a hundred brands of milk, toilet paper, shoes or bags. Advertisement provides the consumer choices. It creates a bigger platform to compare one brand to another and see which one can be better. It gives choices according to the specific needs a customer may have. And it also makes the user practice the right to choose.

5. It creates jobs

Only in the U.S., advertisement issues 18 million jobs. Huge number, right? Well, advertisement contributes to job growth between the business and industry. This provides more profitability, thereby resulting in more job growth. In summary, it makes our economy better. Check “How to Put Your Book Together and Get a Job In Advertising” out and learn more about advertising as a job.


1. Costs

advertisement costs both money and time

As pretty much everything, advertisements costs money, time, and sometimes, both. That’s why a publicity budget is needed for any business that is thinking to invest in advertisement. Yes, I know that making a video may not cost money, but it can take a lot of time. So does uploading, responding to comments, and reading feedback. Companies have to manage their time and money, in order to have a strong advertising game. When they are small or just starting out, money might be scarce, and that means that growing options will be, too. Bummer.

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2. It has no guarantee

Even though it can be very successful, advertisement does not have any guarantee. A 1 million dollars campaign can produce as little as 0 dollars back. It’s kind of like gambling. You can become a millionaire or lose all your money. If you execute a campaign very well, it will almost surely make a profit, but still, there is no guarantee of this.

3. Many people hate it

Advertisement can be very annoying. It’s almost always intrusive, and it just pops up out of nowhere without being requested. As we are in an era where advertisement is basically everywhere, it can become overwhelming. That’s why many people hate it, and sometimes completely ignore it. We can all admit that, when we are in a web page and a pop-up ad appears, we immediately close it without even reading. So, it can backlash.

4. Misinterpretation 

Many things can be misinterpreted, and so can be advertisement. Racism, rape, discrimination, drug use, are some of the things a simple campaign can be misinterpreted for. When advertisement is misunderstood, the company gets the contrary of what they were looking for: bad advertising. After all, they invested money and time, to lower their sales because of misinterpretation.

5. They offer lies

Advertising basically offers that buying things can make our lives perfect. In most cases, it implies that money can solve anything. It pushes us to buy things we don’t need nor want. It sells lies: a cleaning product that will make you the perfect housewife, a car that will make you the most wanted man. Well, in reality, a simple product can’t shape our lives, so yes, it’s all a lie.


The good, the bad; the pros, the cons. Everything has them. Now that you’ve learned the advertisement’s good and bad side, we hope that you can use them in your favor. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it and comment down below.

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