What Would the World Look Like Without Leadership?

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The humanity, as well as many other living beings, need to form groups in order to survive. This has been true for thousands of years. And within these groups, there has always been a leader to guide them. In every little aspect of our society, we create groups. This is why leadership is extremely important. It is leaders who guides us through the most difficult times. The leaders are the ones who innovate, who push us, as humankind, pass our limits in order to continue growing beyond our expectations. But there is an important question that not many of us have considered: What Would the World Look Like Without Leadership? Answering this question will certainly make us think of the enormous importance in the role that leaders play in our society. This is why we have divided this answer into different parts. And without further delay, let’s get started.

1. A Family without a Leader

a family with a leader

Imagine that there weren’t any leaders in your family. We normally have two leaders in a “normal” family. These leaders are Mom and Dad. However, we are aware that this reality is changing and that these two figures are not always present or are represented by other members of the family. But the truth is still the same. It is them who are in charge of raising their kids, teaching values, housing, making important decisions, and many other important responsibilities. Without leadership figures, the family, being the pillar of our society, would fall apart. There would be fights, arguments and no values. The house would become a mess, and there won’t be any organization, just to name a few. You can read more about family legacy and leadership in this book.

This makes us understand how important it is, to have great leaders even in our families; because this way, our children will grow in a secure environment with strong values. And the most important thing is that the children will be motivated to become great people, since they look to their leaders.

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2. Schools Without Leadership

importance of leadership in education

We have many kinds of leadership represented at the school. There are leaders among students, teachers, maintenance staff, security staff, administrative staff, and directive staff. Without leadership at the school, the directive would not know how to manage the school. This would result in anarchy. Everybody would do what they want. The administrative staff would not know what to do and teachers wouldn’t know what to teach while the maintenance staff would not be organized to keep the school together. Finally, the students wouldn’t be able to learn and grow in a secure environment.

It is extremely important for students to feel safe at school. This and many other aspects is the responsibility of everyone involved in the daily activities at school. And leaders exist to guide and make sure that all these activities are accomplished efficiently. For more tips on school leadership, check out this book.

3. A Government Without Leadership

leaders are very important in running government institutions

I know that this sounds a little weird. It is actually difficult to visualize but try to imagine this. The government has no leadership in any of its institutions. They are not able to make the necessary decisions in order to keep the country running. Whenever a politician on a power position expresses an idea, three more of them stand up to go against it. There is no support, no agreement and every meeting end up in a discussion. It seems to be a very superficial analysis. But the truth is that without proper leadership, they would not even pass this stage. In fact, they would not even be able to organize in order to decide who will take each position. As a consequence, the country will just implode, since it is not able to sustain their system due to lack of organization and decision making.

This simple example makes us realize that without leadership, our country would fall to pieces. Sometimes the importance that leadership in the government represents is taken for granted. But people are not very aware of how much they depend on their leaders to live a carefree life and focus on their own issues and goals. This article also has information about leadership, as regards politics.

4. Companies Without Leaders

leadership positions play a vital role in companies success

Just for starting the process of creating a company, leadership is needed. Without an important person at command, no company would exist. But let us imagine that they manage to build a company without any leadership at all. How would that company grow? No one would be there to make the important calls. Who would be the face of the company? The company would not have a proper voice or project any values. A company without a leader would not be able to even launch its brand of products or services.

No one would know who is going to pay the employees or how much or even hire employees. If they try to hire someone, what would the qualifications needed be? Someone needs to dice what is best for the company and hence, set up a list of qualifications required to become part of the staff. However, without any leader, no one would agree on such important things.

Sometimes, we do not think about the importance of these facts. Leaders in a company are in charge of making all the important decisions. Additionally, it is the boss or leader’s job to keep up production by motivating the staff. It is also his job to lead the company into the competitive market by innovating in marketing techniques among many other things. You can see this article if you need more information about leadership in companies.


The above scenarios are just some of the examples of how important leadership is for our lives. It is impossible to live in isolation from other human beings. And this means that, by being part of the society, we will always need important leaders that guide us. And nowadays, we certainly need even greater leaders than we have had in our history in order to help humanity continue evolving. So, this is the answer to the question: “What Would the World Look Like Without Leadership?” And we hope it has helped you understand, not only how important it is but how deep leadership is engrained to our nature as human beings. And if you have any other examples of how important leadership is, please share them with us in the comments section below.

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