Why Sugar Is Ruining Your Health – 10 Negative Effects of Too Much Sugar

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Sugar is one of your health’s worst enemy – in too much quantity. Doctors, advertising campaigns and other specialists have been pulling the warning trigger on sugar for a long time now. You are probably aware already that too much added sugar is not good for you. You’ve not only heard it but felt its negative effects as well.

What foods contain sugar?

Sugar can be found naturally especially in fruits, but also in milk. Added sugar, on the other hand, is commonly found in processed foods. Sugary beverages, candy, pastries, and sweetened dairy are pretty packed in added sugar. 

You might be surprised to find out – but bread, tomato sauces, and energy drinks/bars also contain their share of sugar.

Is it alright to have a bit of added sugar?

Doctors have come together on the fact that it’s alright to have a few teaspoons of added sugar a day. For women, 6 teaspoons of added sugar a day will not bring any negative effects. For men, according to WebMD the number increases to 9 teaspoons (this sugar is extra to the one you get naturally from your diet).

Surpassing these recommended doses of added sugar a day, can and will likely lead to health problems. The negative effects can be immediate or can happen gradually in the long-term. Your health can get ruined by too much sugar in different ways.

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How can sugar ruin my health?

Sadly to say, too much added sugar can negatively impact both your mind and your body. From weight gain to mood swings and cancer – sugar can be the reason behind it. Let’s take a deeper look at 10 negative effects that too much sugar can have on your health:

1. Weight Gain

Fructose is the main culprit when we’re talking about weight gain. Fructose is found in sweet drinks such as sodas, juices and sweetened teas. What fructose does, different from glucose, is it increases your hunger. 

On top of that, too much fructose is also guilty of disrupting your leptin levels. Leptin is a hormone found in your body that manages your appetite and lets you know when you’ve had enough to eat. Obviously said, too much fructose in your diet will completely ruin your body’s relationship to food and hunger.

2. Heart Problems

Heart diseases are to this day, the number one cause of death globally. Too much sugar in a diet is one of the triggers of heart issues. Negative effects of having too much sugar are obesity, inflammation, and blood circulation problems. All these three problems only add a burden to your heart, which in time can wear it down and make it sick.

3. Depression

Although specialists don’t know exactly the reason why too much sugar can cause depression, they do know it does happen. They suspect that too much sugar can imbalance not only your blood sugar but your neurotransmitter regulation as well. Men and women who ate more added sugar than the recommended doses were more prone to depression. Kathleen DesMaisons’s book “The Sugar Addict’s Total Recovery” program is an excellent read to help you heal sugar induced depression. Find out how to get rid of brain fog, mood swings, and fatigue.

4. Cancer

How can too much sugar cause cancer? Because unfortunately, it impacts your body in a way that makes it a thriving ground for certain cancers. Too much added sugar in your diet can lead to obesity, inflammation and insulin resistance. All these three body disturbances are a furnace for developing cancer.

5. Skin Aging

What you eat not only affects your body and mind but your good looks as well. Your skin is hugely impacted by what you eat. Your skin carries the nutrients, vitamins but also toxins from your body. Skin aging is believed to be caused by advanced glycation end products (AGEs) as they can ruin your natural collagen and elastin. A high sugary diet triggers the production of AGEs and faster aging of your skin.

6. Cell Aging

Your cells age naturally, and it’s normal to happen. However, too much sugar in your diet and especially too many sugary drinks can make your cells age too fast. The reason behind this is that too much sugar appears to affect your telomeres. They are part of your DNA and have a protective role. They shorten with age and shorten even more, the more sweetened drinks you have. This shortening makes your cells age faster and quicker.

7. Lowers your energy

Sugar can definitely spike your energy, but wait for it – it’s only temporary. You’ll get sugar high, which will last for a short while. Thinking your energy is up, you might not feed your body and mind foods that actually help with good functioning. You’ll only end up crashing, and possibly eating more sugar to feel up again.

8. Lowers brain performance

Despite the sugar high and short-lived stimulation from sugar, your brain’s performance doesn’t rise. On the contrary, eating too much sugar will negatively affect your brain. Too much fructose and sucrose, commonly found in processed sweet foods are linked to lower brain performance. In one study, people did much poorer on cognitive tests if they had a diet in high fructose and sucrose.

9. Teeth Decay

Too much sugar in your diet has a negative effect on your teeth. This is no surprise, as dentists have been speaking about this for as long as we can remember. Too much sugar leads to cavities. This happens because the bacteria in your mouth really love sugar. However, when they feed off sugar, they release certain acids that ruin your teeth.

10. Lowers your immunity

Sugar not only affects parts of your body but your body as a whole. Too much sugar in your diet can really screw up and weaken your immune system. Besides already being at the root of many health issues, it’s also at the root of weakening you in the fight against them. Bacteria and infections thrive on sugar. Too much sugar gives them the food they need to successfully attack your body.

Find thorough and detailed insights into why sugar is ruining your health from “The Case Against Sugar” by Gary Taubes. The best-selling author of Why We Get Fat, he returns with a 2nd book. Gary exposes sugar in a researched way, as the new tobacco and health killer. 

Quit sugar and start a healthier life. Your mind and body will improve its functions, and you’ll start feeling better sooner than you expect. Let us know if our article and linked reads have convinced you on the negative effects that too much sugar can have on your health.

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